The climate in this Mediterranean area is semi arid, with low rainfall and strong sunshine, excellent for vines that have lower yields but produce high quality harvests. Winters are mild, with rainfall ranging between 300 and 400 mm per year. Summers are dry and hot, with mean values of solar radiation that exceed the 2,800 hours per year.

The process of our wines begins in February when we perform the initial pruning of the wines, a process that allows us to control yield. In mid-March the strains start to develop and by May additional pruning is completed to remove excess vegetation. Flowering of the vine begins and from June through to July the grapes develop and begin to ripen.


Finally, the harvest begins in mid-August with Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon, ending with the Callet in late September. In December, when we see the falling leaves, we prune back the wine ready for the dormant winter.

The Soil

The vineyard is located in Llucmajor (Mallorca). The area has an interesting variety of soil composition from brown calcareous soils nearer the coast to lighter soil at the foot of the mountain range. The proximity of the sea has a big influence on these soils, which are formed from limestone rocks (marls and dolomites) resulting in a slightly alkaline pH. The terroir characteristics provide excellent drainage, and coupled with the limited presence of organic matter allows ease of root penetration and optimal cultivation of the vine.

The Grape

Currently the vineyard covers an extension of 20,6 ha and it is structured into thirteen plots, depending on variety and year of planting. 8,64 ha of our vineyard is represented by Cabernet Sauvignon, followed by 4 ha of Merlot, 2,4 ha of Syrah and 3,33 ha of Chardonnay. We also have half hectare of Callet (local red variety), and 1,5 ha with native white variety Prensal Blanc and Giró Ros. Due to our strong commitment for local varieties, we have a small plot in which we are experimenting with new varieties such as Gargallassa and others.