The climate of our vineyards

This area has a semi-arid Mediterranean climate, with some peculiar features. We are in the driest part of the island, with very low rainfall and strong sunshine that is beneficial for vines that are high-quality but low yield. The winters have mild frosts, and rainfall of between 300 and 400 mm/year, while the summers are dry and hot, with an average of 2,800 hours of sunlight each year.

Our work in the vineyard starts when we prune the vines in February, which allows us to control production. The vines start to bud in the middle of March, and the first pruning of new growth takes place in May to cut back excess production and vegetation. We can expect flowering to occur in the middle of May, and the fruit to begin ripening in June, with the grapes turning from their initial green to black or yellow, according to the variety.

Finally, the harvest begins in the middle of August with the Chardonnay and ends in late September with the Cabernet Sauvignon and Callet. Finally, we see the leaves fall in December as the plants withdraw for their winter rest until pruning takes place.

The soil

The vineyards lie on the coastal plains of Llucmajor (Mallorca). The proximity of the sea has a strong influence on our soils, which consist of a relatively shallow layer on top of “terra de marès”, which is a type of sandstone formed from the solidification of sand dunes on the sea bed.

The rocks mainly consist of fossil fragments bound together by lime. In other places there is a mixture of sand and fossil shells, with some layers that consist entirely of fossilised shells.

These features mean that the soil has good drainage, while the low level of organic matter and little resistance for root growth make it ideal for growing vines that produce reduced amounts of fruit which can be used to make high-quality wine.

The grapes

Our vineyard covers 20.6 hectares and is divided into thirteen plots according to the type of soil, grape varieties and year of planting. We cultivate local Mallorcan varieties along with other foreign vines.

For our redwine we grow Callet*, Gargollassa*, Mantonegro*, Cabernet sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah and Tempranillo.

For our whitewine we grow Giró ros*, Prensal blanc*, Chardonnay y Viognier.


*Mallorcan native varieties.